Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Loud noises outside my window and I guess eotd too =] (pic heavy)

Woke up a few weeks ago from a nap (I'm at work at 4:30am) to loud hammering noises under my window. I look out and what do I see? Brandon and my dad rebuilding our deck. THANK GOODNESS! That deck was such a hazard, I'm surprised nobody has broken an ankle on it. The wood was so rotted that even our 75lb dogs were falling through =[

Dad and Brandon hammering away

That's Maddy (mad dog) She's my 9yr old rottenlab. I love her BUNCHES and sadly she's developed seizures from a brain tumor that we can't afford to take out atm =[

And spazzy mcgee Caitlin =]

Lubbin the Mad Dog

Diesel is our Boxer X American Bulldog. He's pretty dumb. 

Extending the deck out farther. Gonna be awesome for BBQs next summer

And here are some pics of the makeup I was wearing that day, since you can't see my face very well in those pictures

this is my "I'm irritated for being called into work on my day off" face

Eyes and Lips are from ELF (from my awesome haul from Shannon's giveaway(you should enter her current one here)) You should just add her anyway because she is AWESOME!

Face is my normal foundation(red earth)/bronzer(CG)/blush(NYX Dare)

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