Thursday, August 4, 2011

About Seattle

I found this cute post called 10 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Seattle. I found it cute and pretty accurate about my city. But I thought I could add a few of my own to the list.

#11 You'd better give bikes enough space. 
No really. Seattle is AWFUL when it comes to the cyclists. They weave in and out of traffic at high speeds, ignore street signs and traffic signals, and will mow your butt down on the sidewalk. And the city wants to put in more bike lanes for these people.
#12 We have these things called Bikini Barista's
I'm not sure if other states have these. My friend from California says she had never seen one until she came to visit me a year ago.. but anyway. There are a plethora of them here, in fact it is harder to find a "family friendly" coffee stand than one of these. They're like Starbucks. Throw a stone and you'll hit one. But not all of them are just bikini's. There are fantasy stands, lingerie stands, and stands where they only wear pasties on their breasts. A lot of them get busted for prostitution. =\
#13 Dicks fries are to ONLY be dipped in Tartar Sauce. 
And Seattleites never ever ever leave cheese behind on the wrapper. Once you've been here you'll understand. And you'll forever get the giggles when you think to yourself (and you will) "Boy I could really go for some Dicks right now." and with the prices $1.25 for a burger, $1.50 for a cheese burger, $1.80 for the special, $2.70 for the Deluxe, and $1.50 for the fries. Everything is as-is. can not change the burg at all. It's great. It's a Seattle staple.
(and that is my local Dicks in the picture. Walk-up only)


  1. Lol!!! This is great, I've always wanted to visit Seattle!! And then I can stalk Tim Lincecum and ask him if he wants to get Dick's with me LOL!!

  2. I'd say you have about a 95% chance of him saying yes to Dick's. No Seatteite turns down a Dick's burger =]