Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Unattainable soulmate + pictures DELAYED

but I just went to upload them..... and my input jack on my SD reader is BROKEN! I have to wait til payday so I can buy a new one.... which means no makeup for me until next payday. Damnit

Ever lock eyes with someone and just KNOW that you are on earth for that person?
This happened to me at a concert I went to on Sunday night with my fiance (fucking crazy right?)
We had tickets to see My Morning Jacket at the Paramount Theatre(not theater). This band means A LOT to me, honestly if it weren't for their song Dondante, there is a possibility that I would not be alive today. To summarize, I was in a very very rough patch of my life back in '08. Had been drinking heavily and had a bottle of painkillers in my hand and was ready to eat them all. My iTunes was on shuffle and right as I popped the lid off the bottle Dondante came on and I just stopped, and listened. I had always liked the band but wasn't a 'super fan.'
The song and the emotions behind it moved me, I listened all the way through and by the time the song was finished I was hysterical, tears streaming down my face and the pills were being flushed down the toilet along with the rest of the fifth of vodka. This song, this band, had saved my life.

Now on to the 'soulmate' part of this story.
Jim James (Yim Yames) the front man of My Morning Jacket is a good 11years older than me, and I've never been attracted to anyone more than 5yrs older than me. I've never been attracted to him or had a crush on him or anything of the sort.
This was my first MMJ concert and I'd had tickets since March, to say the least I was frantic to see this band live. And I was not dissapointed, they played for nearly THREE hours! Brandon and I managed to get front row in the GA. like FRONT row. Right in front of where Jim James' mic was set up. During the show Jim came over to the side of the stage and made eye contact with me and smiled. At first I thought he was just 'connecting' with his audience. But for the remainder of the show he stayed on our side of the stage, and progressively made eye contact and smiled at me for longer and longer. It got to the point where he would get so distracted with me that he would have to turn his back and sing to the keyboardist just to compose himself, just so he could sing, just so he could perform for everyone else.
I HATE to sound like some 15yr old obsessive fan, because before this concert I had never been one. But I truely believe, that had I been there by myself and had stuck around after the show I would have had the chance to meet him. Jim was not being subtle at all, Brandon even mentioned that he seemed enamored with me. It's honestly one of those...... 'I wish I had followed my heart and my gut' moments..... that I'll probably never have again, and I'll probably never get the chance to thank My Morning Jacket for saving my life.
Myself and Brandon before MMJ went onstage 

Show pictures
Pretty much all of these pictures are of Jim because he was the only one that I could get a good photo on (based on stage location)

The photographers in front of us were only allowed two songs before they had to leave =]

eye contact moment (until his hair flew into his face)

 Loved the theatrics =]

During Dondante. They played this song for 20minutes. It's a 7minute song. I cried.

You can't see, but Jim is in the middle of the bright light. You could say this was my first religious experience.

and as you know. iPhones don't zoom, so you can really tell how close we were =]

Monday, June 20, 2011

really fast

Horrible picture quality (damn you webcam and damn you recharging camera battery that wont recharge)

The Color Workshop - red (unnamed product)
#1 Ulta Nail Lacquer - Diva
#2 Sinful Colors - Paris ;about halfway down the nail
#3 The Color Workshop - light pink rainbow glitter (unnamed product); applied from the tip to about a 1/4th of the way down

I about blinded myself looking at these in the sun today they're so sparkly =]

difficulty 1-10 : 3
time : 45min total

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I need a hair cut

But I've had the same no-style mess for about three years, I've been growing it out. But now it's time for a style.
I have no idea. really. no clue as to how to do my hair. I want to keep the main color the blonde that I've had forever... but I do want new color in, I loved the red I threw in a couple of months ago, but I'm barely living paycheck to paycheck and I'm not sure if I want to throw my makeup budget away for a hair upkeep budget.....
SO! having a very talented friend learning at Paul Mitchell right now I have a cheap hair cut and color waiting for me. So in July I'll be going and getting my hair changed. It's a scary thing, I love my hair, and finally having long-ish hair I've been doing the back and fourth dance for a few months.

This is my last hair cut. July 2009
Here is my now hair. It's long and thick and damaged and dry. Has random layers 

Tired 20hr day with no makeup face

As you can see. I am in desperate need of a cut. The last inch of my hair is dead, just lifeless and breaks off (I don't blame it) If anyone has ANY ideas that they think would look cute please please let me know =]

Here are styles I like and would like for myself

I just don't know though. It's so hard to know if a cut you LOVE on someone else is going to be one you LOVE on yourself.
Choices, choices, choices

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My everyday face

Every girl has her "everyday face" the makeup that you could do in your sleep. Most women have this routine down to about 15 minutes. here are two of my everyday faces. enjoy.

My smoky everyday:
hormones got the best of my skin when this was taken =/

jane Be Pure Mineral Sheer Foundation - #503(natural)
Cover Girl trublend Liquid Foundation - #410(classic ivory)
NYX Mosaic Powder - Dare

NYX JEP - Milk
NYX 10 Color Eye Shadow Palette - Caviar & Bubbles
benefit BADgal lash - Black


L'oreal Paris H.I.P shine struck liquid lipcolor - arresting

My natural, neutral everyday: 
Yeah... early in the morning, pre-coffee, goofy face

a lot of little marks on my face (such as this one) are due to training aggressive dogs, I do get scratched and bitten a lot..... it happens.
I just got this lipgloss a few weeks ago and i LOVE it so much, it's the exact color of my lips, so it just adds a beautiful shine and sparkle, without throwing my face out of whack. Sometimes I just put on a swipe of mascara and this gloss, perfect (especially since it's starting to warm up, I don't want to sweat off a bunch of makeup =])

jane Be Pure Mineral Sheer Foundation - #503(natural)
Cover Girl trublend Liquid Foundation - #410(classic ivory)
NYX Mosaic Powder - Dare

NYX JEP - Milk
NYX 10 Color Eye Shadow Palette - Caviar & Bubbles
benefit BADgal lash - Black

MUFE Lab Shine gloss - S4 Pink Beige (star collection)

I also want to do a little rave about the newest perfume roller I bought. It's hard for me to find a scent that I enjoy and that my fiance also enjoys, it seems all the scents I like make me smell like a grandma to him, and visa versa. However on my recent trip to Sephora I was ambushed by the travel size cosmetics that they keep by the register, Kat Von D's Sinner & Saint popped out at me. Saint was a beautiful light scent with some floral and citrus undertones, Sinner had the same scent, but had a light musky undertone. Now normally I don't like a 'musk' (especially patchouli (which this is)) in my perfume but something about Sinner just made me keep sniffing it. I caved and shelled out an extra $18 for this perfume that I knew I could not live without. Brandon likes this scent more than anything he's picked out for me. Just a little roll here and a little roll there and I'm smelling great for HOURS without having to reapply, and the scent blends so well with my body chemistry, I'm thinking this will be my forever scent, I'm seriously about to overhaul my shower products and simply use the Sinner collection of body wash and lotion.
I'll be buying Saint here soon with my next paycheck, we'll see who wins the battle =]

Friday, June 10, 2011

My very first post on my very first blog =]

My lovelies!
Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit me ! =]
I started this blog with the main focus to be on makeup, I'll probably just post looks at first, but over time I'll post hauls and swatches and reviews... but that won't be for quite some time.
I've wanted to start a blog for a while, but have been too shy, and maybe a little worried about haters =P But this is all for fun, but I'd love to go to school and learn from professionals, instead of learning on my own... all in good time.

So let's get started.

I've had a pair of falsies sitting in my bathroom for at least five years. Never knew what to do with them, only bought them because they were BIG and bold and I had to have them - isn't that always the case? =D
But Summer is here, and Stellar Jays are all over the place here in Seattle, which gave me the inspiration the other day to finally dig out the lashes and do a look.

I think my lash glue is done for, it hardly wanted to work, and it doesn't dry properly anymore =[  So apologies for the corner not sticking and for the glue being so obvious *dramatic eye roll* just another thing to add to my "Stuff I Need" list.


yessss I'm wearing a shirt
why no dry clear?

seee? did not want to stick to my outer corner!

jane Be Pure Mineral Sheer Foundation - #503(natural)

Cover Girl trublend Liquid Foundation - #410(classic ivory)

Maybelline Mineral Power, Powder Foundation - Natural Ivory

NYX Mosaic Powder - Dare

Aromaleigh Eye Shadow Base - Light

NYX JEP - Milk

120 Shadow Palette

NYX 10 Color Eye Shadow Palette - Caviar & Bubbles (eyebrows)

benefit BADgal lash - Black

Morbid Makeup Eyelashes - #315 (no longer available)
Nyx Megashine Lip Gloss - Perfect Red

Alrighty, there you have it. My first post =]
Tomorrow I'll post some older looks, some are more natural than others =]

Goodnight <3