Tuesday, October 11, 2011

second trial

I used a few different styles to do this makeup. The toilet paper trick, and the latex trick. I think for 
just playing around this turned out pretty well. Sadly I wont have time to practice with my prothetics because I'm having to buy them the DAY before zomBcon =[ Oh well. It shouldn't be to hard

120 Pallet 
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner - Black Ink
Urban Decay Glide On Lip Pencil - Gash
NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss (blood) - Perfect Red
NYX Liquid Makeup - Ivory
Tacky Glue

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Zombie test

Going to be volunteering at zomBcon this year, it is the worlds only zombie convention. So excited for this. I'm going to be a ringmaster, ah-la Britney Spears "Circus"... But I'm gonna be a zombie. It'll be great.

So today I have come down with the flu... or something close to it (no fever, just full body aches) and I'm the kind of person that cannot lay in bed and do nothing when I'm sick. Soooo I practiced my special effects makeup, which I haven't done in yeaaaars, so I was a little out of practice with making bruises. However, I think for not having done this in a long time it came out pretty well.
do I have some hairy arms or what? haha. But I will never ever shave them. It's gross when it grows back

bleeeh sick face = no makeup. avert your eyes from this mess

I used "tacky glue"  (craft glue) for the wound. put a semi-thick coat on and let it almost fully dry, then I took my finger and just kinda tapped at it to make it "bubble"
Used eyeshadow primer, and bronzer to give it a skin tone.
navy, yellow and purple eyeshadow for the bruising
red, orange and yellow eyeshadow for the blood (no red food dye for corn syrup =[ )
and vasoline over the "blood" for the wet look

Will post more pictures as I do more makeup trials.
To be honest, I should have had some awesome prosthetic makeup pictures from tonight, but since I was sick I had to skip out on the zomBcon makeup trial my friends and I were doing.

Roman and Stacey, my Zombie freak friends <3 
She is so gooood at zombie makeup. I hope to learn a thing or two from her

Roman's awesome jaw prosthetic. yeah, there's a straw in his pabst, kinda hard to drink it without one... not having any lips and such

^^^zomBcon '10

Friday, September 23, 2011

Space.... The Final Frontier

hehe. I'm such a Star Trek nerd *shh* But anyway I've been seeing a manicure floating around for a while now and I decided I was gonna have a go at it. It looked a lot harder than it actually was to do this.

Sinful Colors Black on Black
L.A. Colors White
Sinful Colors Pull Over
Ulta Pink Leather
Sinful Colors Happy Ending
Sinful Colors Midnight Blue
Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitters
The tut I used for this mani is here. I love her videos so much and I wish I had her voice. haha

Sorry for the messy cuticles. I really hate cleaning them right after a mani I normally wait until my morning shower to pick the extra polish off (I'm awful I know)
and my poor nubby pointer finger =[ I don't have the heart to cut the rest down. Though I should considering how badly my nails have been peeling recently

I've been having a lot of problems with my old lady dog Maddy. She's not doing to well and I've been really upset. So I'm sorry this is a weak post in the text area.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I live. I've been without internet for a few weeks (well unless you count internet comparable to dial up)
I did my first look for my Mountain Dew label theme. So I'll have that up within the next day or so.

Now to catch up on all the blogs =] today will be fun

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

get to know me a little more

I have 8 piercings. all doubles.

two septum
two lip
two tongue.

And I have my ears pierced. they were stretched out to 00g but I've since shrunk them back down to the original size of 8g... because I kept losing my plugs and it was getting super expensive.

and my RIP piercing =[
I miss jooo anti-brow! and let's all laugh at 18yr old Caitlin. Hahahaha. loser.

I've fostered four american staffordshire terriers in the last 2 years.  3 of them at the same time.
Bentley <3 my bubba boy. I loved him sooo much. But he's in a good home now

Kona girl. She had really bad skin allergies so she took forever to adopt, but she's a loverrrr and someone loves her now

Puppy puddle. from L to R
Tigre, Kona, Bentley.
Tigre is actually Kona and Bentley's mom. She's super liddle, like half the size of Kona. hahah we don't know how Bentley came out of her.

Sierra sassy pants. She was pretty dog aggressive, and we had to keep our own dogs away from her if she was out of her kennel =[ to bad. But she was a doll and someone swooped her up fast.

Yes, all these guys got homes fairly quickly.
is anyone interested in adopting a pitty or pitty mix?
Should I start posting a Pit of the week for you guys? I'd do an East Coast, Mid West, and West Coast pick, just so there might be one near you? lettt me know =] <3

A look on my mom, and my best friends 21'st (back in June)

So I'm just going through all of my photos from the last few months while I was unable to load any of my photos. The orange look on my mother was for the annual international tiki day party at her friends house. It's great. Tropical drinks, tacky hawaiian shirts.. It's fun!
I wasn't very excited with the way it turned out honestly, but she liked it and so did everyone else at the party. soooo. success?!

My best friend Alyssa turned 21 back in June. Super exciting for me because she's the first of my friends (in state) to turn 21. We went to this awesome classic rock themed place called The Rock Brewery for her family dinner party thingy. (I heard that they were gonna make The Rock a nationwide chain recently so keep your eyes open because they are amazing, and so are their microbrews made in house)
Blehbleh restaurant pictures are horrible quality, and I look like an obese whale in most of these. Way to hate on myself =/

NYX  10 color eyeshadow pallette - Caviar & Bubbles
Benefit BADgal Lash - Black
L'oreal Paris Extra intense liquid pencil eyeliner-Black

Confused and... no chin? Is no chin better than double chin?

Alyssa wins at making confused faces though =]

The monster on the table "The Rock's original blend of 5 premium Rums served in a freakin' bucket!" -$9.50 
Alyssa with her Jello shot, her sister Chelsea next to her (the girls in that family all look alike, it's crazy!)
I'm awesome at taking horrible pictures of people =] (sorry 'lyss)
Shot of PatrĂ³n... She took this like a champ. Oh and I'm still totally coveting those nail polishes! =[

Bad picture #1 (god doesn't she look cute though!)

Somewhere out there, this picture exists from another angle
Yeah, we're two weird peas in a pod =] No one will understand how awesome we are as a duo unless you've seen us in action

Drunky Drunkerson and Tipsy McGee

I learned how to do a fishtail braid awhile back

love it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Loud noises outside my window and I guess eotd too =] (pic heavy)

Woke up a few weeks ago from a nap (I'm at work at 4:30am) to loud hammering noises under my window. I look out and what do I see? Brandon and my dad rebuilding our deck. THANK GOODNESS! That deck was such a hazard, I'm surprised nobody has broken an ankle on it. The wood was so rotted that even our 75lb dogs were falling through =[

Dad and Brandon hammering away

That's Maddy (mad dog) She's my 9yr old rottenlab. I love her BUNCHES and sadly she's developed seizures from a brain tumor that we can't afford to take out atm =[

And spazzy mcgee Caitlin =]

Lubbin the Mad Dog

Diesel is our Boxer X American Bulldog. He's pretty dumb. 

Extending the deck out farther. Gonna be awesome for BBQs next summer

And here are some pics of the makeup I was wearing that day, since you can't see my face very well in those pictures

this is my "I'm irritated for being called into work on my day off" face

Eyes and Lips are from ELF (from my awesome haul from Shannon's giveaway(you should enter her current one here)) You should just add her anyway because she is AWESOME!

Face is my normal foundation(red earth)/bronzer(CG)/blush(NYX Dare)