Tuesday, August 30, 2011

get to know me a little more

I have 8 piercings. all doubles.

two septum
two lip
two tongue.

And I have my ears pierced. they were stretched out to 00g but I've since shrunk them back down to the original size of 8g... because I kept losing my plugs and it was getting super expensive.

and my RIP piercing =[
I miss jooo anti-brow! and let's all laugh at 18yr old Caitlin. Hahahaha. loser.

I've fostered four american staffordshire terriers in the last 2 years.  3 of them at the same time.
Bentley <3 my bubba boy. I loved him sooo much. But he's in a good home now

Kona girl. She had really bad skin allergies so she took forever to adopt, but she's a loverrrr and someone loves her now

Puppy puddle. from L to R
Tigre, Kona, Bentley.
Tigre is actually Kona and Bentley's mom. She's super liddle, like half the size of Kona. hahah we don't know how Bentley came out of her.

Sierra sassy pants. She was pretty dog aggressive, and we had to keep our own dogs away from her if she was out of her kennel =[ to bad. But she was a doll and someone swooped her up fast.

Yes, all these guys got homes fairly quickly.
is anyone interested in adopting a pitty or pitty mix?
Should I start posting a Pit of the week for you guys? I'd do an East Coast, Mid West, and West Coast pick, just so there might be one near you? lettt me know =] <3

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