Saturday, October 1, 2011

Zombie test

Going to be volunteering at zomBcon this year, it is the worlds only zombie convention. So excited for this. I'm going to be a ringmaster, ah-la Britney Spears "Circus"... But I'm gonna be a zombie. It'll be great.

So today I have come down with the flu... or something close to it (no fever, just full body aches) and I'm the kind of person that cannot lay in bed and do nothing when I'm sick. Soooo I practiced my special effects makeup, which I haven't done in yeaaaars, so I was a little out of practice with making bruises. However, I think for not having done this in a long time it came out pretty well.
do I have some hairy arms or what? haha. But I will never ever shave them. It's gross when it grows back

bleeeh sick face = no makeup. avert your eyes from this mess

I used "tacky glue"  (craft glue) for the wound. put a semi-thick coat on and let it almost fully dry, then I took my finger and just kinda tapped at it to make it "bubble"
Used eyeshadow primer, and bronzer to give it a skin tone.
navy, yellow and purple eyeshadow for the bruising
red, orange and yellow eyeshadow for the blood (no red food dye for corn syrup =[ )
and vasoline over the "blood" for the wet look

Will post more pictures as I do more makeup trials.
To be honest, I should have had some awesome prosthetic makeup pictures from tonight, but since I was sick I had to skip out on the zomBcon makeup trial my friends and I were doing.

Roman and Stacey, my Zombie freak friends <3 
She is so gooood at zombie makeup. I hope to learn a thing or two from her

Roman's awesome jaw prosthetic. yeah, there's a straw in his pabst, kinda hard to drink it without one... not having any lips and such

^^^zomBcon '10

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