Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My first award!!!

HUGE thank you for Meghan over at Pinupcherrymakeup for giving me my first award. It means so much considering I just started blogging.

The Rules:
1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you
2. Share 7 Random things about yourself
3. Answer the following questions
4. Award 15 blogs

Seven Things About Me:
1. I am what you would consider an "indie" kid. I love indie and folk music - My Morning Jacket, The Decemberists, Monsters of Folk, Islands ectectec BUT I also have an obsession with HipHop. Like Del Tha Funkee Homosapian. Seriously, that's what's bumping in my car right now.
2. I love dogs. No really, I love them. If you were to have an hour long conversation with me, chances are 60% of the time I'll be talking about dogs - bullies in particular
3. I love gardeing but I don't have a green thumb =[
4. My legs will not tan, ever., tanning beds or the good old fashioned way. It's impossible. My legs could blind airplanes
5. I'm a hermit. I will not be social unless you come to me and I'm super flakey =/
6. I hate when people sing along to songs... and don't know all the words and just kind of mumble along (like my fiance)
7. I'm a tikiphile. And it's awsome.

Name your favorite color – Green and pink
Name your favourite song - My Morning Jacket - Smokin from Shootin
Name your favourite dessert – Key Lime anything.
What is pissing you off? – My SD reader being broken... and having such a small bank statment =[
When you’re upset, you? – Shut down
Your favourite pet – Maddy, my labwiler(figure it out, you're smart!) and Diesel, my boxerXamerican bulldog
Black or White? – I perfer white... it makes me less pale, and I'm already super pale 
Your biggest fear? – clowns
My best feature is – lips & my perfect nose. People pay a lot of money in an attempt to have a nose like mine
Everyday attitude – I'm apparently a really negative person, but I'm truely happy. I just get pissed off at what goes on in the world, and everyone has to know it.
What is perfection – I'm not at liberty to reveal all of what perfection is. But it envolves friends, a campfire and lighters
Guilty pleasure – Twix

15 Bloggers I Award:

=[ I don't have 15 bloggers to award. But if I did.....

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