Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flash drive still broken. But online window shopping is always fun!

Heyyyy. So my paychecks have been a bit of a bummer the last month so I haven't been able to get a new card reader.... And this makes me sad because I have so much to show you!

I did take a picture of my current mani w/my webcam (so the quality sucks)

Ulta - Ruby Slipper
Sinful Colors- Paris , lightly swiped across Ruby Slipper
Sinful Colors - Black on Black (used only to make Paris stand out more)
Sinful Colors - Paris , thicker at the tips, gradually fading into Ruby Slipper

I love online window shopping, it's a bit masochistic seeing as how I can't buy what I want (credit card + Caitlin = horrible idea.)
But I love fashion and since my body shape is super weird. I'm 5'6" 164lbs(but losing) and I have a "just had a baby" pooch, even though I have not had any children yet. So I look small, except my odd stomach *grr* so I have a hard time finding anything to fit me right (I muffin top with EVERY type of clothing item) So I fufill my clothing lust by putting outfits together on the interwebs.

Here's the Dream Outfit Of The Day I came up with::

Love Culture- Antique One Shoulder Tunic $20.90 I absolutely fell in love with this. I'm going to buy it next paycheck. I HAVE to have it 

And some gorgeous shoes I found at Love Culture that I really want

Can you tell I love Leopard Print? =D

1. Peep Toe Bow Pump $28.90

And if I don't stop now, I'll be doing this for hours.

Stay Beautiful!

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