Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I need a hair cut

But I've had the same no-style mess for about three years, I've been growing it out. But now it's time for a style.
I have no idea. really. no clue as to how to do my hair. I want to keep the main color the blonde that I've had forever... but I do want new color in, I loved the red I threw in a couple of months ago, but I'm barely living paycheck to paycheck and I'm not sure if I want to throw my makeup budget away for a hair upkeep budget.....
SO! having a very talented friend learning at Paul Mitchell right now I have a cheap hair cut and color waiting for me. So in July I'll be going and getting my hair changed. It's a scary thing, I love my hair, and finally having long-ish hair I've been doing the back and fourth dance for a few months.

This is my last hair cut. July 2009
Here is my now hair. It's long and thick and damaged and dry. Has random layers 

Tired 20hr day with no makeup face

As you can see. I am in desperate need of a cut. The last inch of my hair is dead, just lifeless and breaks off (I don't blame it) If anyone has ANY ideas that they think would look cute please please let me know =]

Here are styles I like and would like for myself

I just don't know though. It's so hard to know if a cut you LOVE on someone else is going to be one you LOVE on yourself.
Choices, choices, choices

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